hey! I’m Angelica Portarcos and i prefer to be called Anna. 12 years of age… and this is ME. yes, i know what you’re thinking about. that i’m Ugly??ahhhh…. don’t worry, i will never gonna be mad at you. eversince, i did not call myself a beautiful one. maybe sometimes..but i say it as a joke. seriously, its true. by the way, let us not talk about it. instead, about my attitude. and everytime that anyone ask me about it, i say “itanong niyo nalang sa mga taong close sa akin”  because i know that the closest persons in your life are the ones who really knows the real you. grabe siya! but, i believe that its true. why?….ask them!


i love foods that are saucy or has sabaw in it

i love bright colors

i love sweets

i love cats & dogs

i love to go shopping

i love to watch TV

i love barbie

i love to act

 i love social media

  i love funny people

    i love cute teddy bears

     i love AlDub (no hate)

     i love to make (good) videos

i love Oppa Lee Dong Wook

i love Oppa Lee Min Ho

i love Oppa Song Joong Ki

i love Oppa Park Bo Gum

P.S: HAHAHA! Walang kokontra 😝 Akin sila 😍


      to have a Grand Debut

    to have a pet center

  to wear a crown

  to be a teacher

    to be a princess

     to be an actress

    to be a model

   to travel

 Now, i dare you to figure me out and ask questions about me…



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