Cebu Summer Vacay 2017


For the past 11 years, i haven’t even tried tasting the summer. Because i’m always on a staycation. And it means that my life is (not) so boring. However, this year is a very lucky one. For me and also for my family. I had graduated, as well as my siblings. I’m officially turning into a teenager, i’m going to be a first year highschool student, my sister will be starting her work, and my most favorite part is, we’ve gone out of town.Read More »


Summer Goals 2


Thank God! Today is a very productive day for me to work write. By the way, this is for the continuation of my previous post and at this time, it’ll be the Summer Goals 2. I guess, this will end up till 5 nor 10. That ain’t cool? But for me, maybe no! Wait, EXACTLY NO!! I’m not eager to write today, but i’m pushing myself for it. And this is what i called “Productive day”.

Now and once again, let me share to you the other bunch of my interesting goals to achieve within the whole said season…Read More »

Summer Goals


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Finally! Summer is officially declared after continuous rainy days. But i still can’t feel the heat. Unfortunately, flu is attacking me today. I’m so hot, super weak, and should i say, i’m (very) very sick. Malamang! Hope i’ll be well as soon asΒ possible. Anyways, let us talk about the things i want to do this whole (short) season. But that is when all of these Β viruses will gone.

So here are SOME of my simple goals this SUMMER…Read More »