“A writer who reads, a reader who writes.”

Have you ever felt that odd feeling when you did something in order to fight boredom and without noticing yourself starting to like it? Just by all of a sudden you realized that you’re already into it? If you do, then the feeling is mutual.Read More »


Short Hair?

Awhile ago, my mother brought me to the salon and think of what happened next. I never expected this (happen) so early! bakeet??? my mind that time was filled with swear words, negative thoughts, and (bad) predictions sa kung anong mangyayari kasi nasira na ang mga plano ko.ย What is it by the way? oh i planned not to cut my hair very short until i reached 18 years old. that’s it. but instead, agree with trimming it for about an inch only every year because that is our traditionโ€” Read More »

Cebu Summer Vacay 2017


For the past 11 years, i haven’t even tried tasting the summer. Because i’m always on a staycation. And it means that my life is (not) so boring. However, this year is a very lucky one. For me and also for my family. I had graduated, as well as my siblings. I’m officially turning into a teenager, i’m going to be a first year highschool student, my sister will be starting her work, and my most favorite part is, we’ve gone out of town.Read More »

Summer Goals 2


Thank God! Today is a very productive day for me to work write. By the way, this is for the continuation of my previous post and at this time, it’ll be the Summer Goals 2. I guess, this will end up till 5 nor 10. That ain’t cool? But for me, maybe no! Wait, EXACTLY NO!! I’m not eager to write today, but i’m pushing myself for it. And this is what i called “Productive day”.

Now and once again, let me share to you the other bunch of my interesting goals to achieve within the whole said season…Read More »

Summer Goals


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Finally! Summer is officially declared after continuous rainy days. But i still can’t feel the heat. Unfortunately, flu is attacking me today. I’m so hot, super weak, and should i say, i’m (very) very sick. Malamang! Hope i’ll be well as soon asย possible. Anyways, let us talk about the things i want to do this whole (short) season. But that is when all of these ย viruses will gone.

So here are SOME of my simple goals this SUMMER…Read More »