Day #1: the Essence of Writing

so tired. jowk langĀ šŸ˜‚Ā i was just sitting down all day long. from 7:30-till now. why do they need to let us stay and stick to that chair huh? its like i’m sitting on a rock or something solid. hard enough though. staying there for a few minutes after i just seatedĀ [kasi kakarating ko lang], you thenĀ suddenly felt that uneasy feeling on your…Read More »


Short Hair?

Awhile ago, my mother brought me to the salon and think of what happened next. I never expected this (happen) so early! bakeet??? my mind that time was filled with swear words, negative thoughts, and (bad) predictions sa kung anong mangyayari kasi nasira na ang mga plano ko.Ā What is it by the way? oh i planned not to cut my hair very short until i reached 18 years old. that’s it. but instead, agree with trimming it for about an inch only every year because that is our traditionā€” Read More »