“A Dream Came True”

Before, i really dream to have my own blog. Yes, I’ve tried it but the only problem is, i don’t know what to write on it. Because i’m just a nine aged cute little girl that time. Who just keep on dreaming about anything. Both possible and impossible things. And time flies, a beautiful yet a funny star inspired me a lot. She’s ate Maine Mendoza. Ate talaga ah! The first time i saw her on TV, the real Angelica(Anna) Portarcos just came in. And I’ve realized that we have some similarities. The positive, funny, shy, and the kenkay one. But i came to the point in becoming an ULTIMATE STALKER 🕶 And i found that she is also a blogger. What a Destiny 😮 So, mainemendoza.com gave me some ideas. That is why may pagkaparehas ang old theme ng blog niya and ang blog na ito. Not becaming an imitator but, let us say so. SORRY!


Well, the most important thing in this blog is, i shared to you all my thoughts, feelings and most especially, my stories……HONESTLY!

But the thing i can’t imitate, is her skills in writing. Sobrang galing kasi niyang sumulat. And that really made me admire her most 😍 So i tried and made her as my inspiration in writing. Kaya nga dahil doon, naging part ako ng Journalism club sa amin. Kasi sabi ng kumuha sa akin, magaling daw akong sumulat. And na-SHOCK rin naman ako! Naiisip ko that time na, siguro dahil sa kanya. What if totoo talaga iyon? If yes, she has been a huge influence on me. Let’s say, there’s no Maine Mendoza on TV? Maybe, i’m not writing now on my blog and maybe, Anna Portarcos is nothing 👤


this is me before…….


Even though how impossible your dream is, don’t ever think that you can’t do it. Just DON’T LOSE HOPE AND NEVER GIVE UP 👊


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