“A writer who reads, a reader who writes.”

Have you ever felt that odd feeling when you did something in order to fight boredom and without noticing yourself starting to like it? Just by all of a sudden you realized that you’re already into it? If you do, then the feeling is mutual.Read More »


Day 2: The A to Z of Motivation

A-void negative thoughts, people, things and habits

B-elieve in yourself

C-onsider things from every angle and others point of view

D-are to dream and dream big

E-nergy, Excitement, Enthusiasm is in your blood

F-amily and Friends are hidden treasures; enjoy these riches

G- ive more than you planned to

H-ave a good sense of humor

I-gnore Criticism, Ridicule and Discouragement from other

J-ump on problems because they are opportunities in disguise

K-eep up the good works however hard it may seem

L-ove yourself, just as you are

M-ake Impossibility a Possibility

N-ever lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal

O-pen your eyes and see things as they really are

P-erfect practice makes you perfect

Q-uitters never win and winners never quit

R-eward yourself for every small success and achievement

S-top wasting your time and procrastinating important goals

T-ake control of your life and your goals

U-nderstand so that you could understood

V-isualize your goals and dreams everyday

W-in over your weaknesses and make them as your strengths

X-ccelerate your efforts

Y-es yes yes, yes you can and you will

Z-ap your stress and Enjoy your lifeRead More »

Short Hair?

Awhile ago, my mother brought me to the salon and think of what happened next. I never expected this (happen) so early! bakeet??? my mind that time was filled with swear words, negative thoughts, and (bad) predictions sa kung anong mangyayari kasi nasira na ang mga plano ko.ย What is it by the way? oh i planned not to cut my hair very short until i reached 18 years old. that’s it. but instead, agree with trimming it for about an inch only every year because that is our traditionโ€” Read More »